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Authentic farmhouse style and delightful flavors in South Estonia

At Käbliku Holiday Houses we value the balance of traditional and new. 

You will find both ecologically friendly timber that has lasted for over a hundred years and thoughtfully recycled materials, used in creating the atmosphere.

We live in harmony with nature sustainably preserving the environment.

At Käbliku holiday houses, you can escape the rush of everyday life and feel the calming power of nature.

We believe in the power of slowing down, which provides an opportunity to be mindful of ourselves and what is around usHere, you can spend time with friends or companions without watching the time. 

At Käbliku farm you can enjoy the winter wonderland of the beloved family film 'Eia's Christmas at Phantom Owl Farm'.

Summer excitement is created by the lively Käbliku Beer Camp & Rock’N’Roll craft beer and music festival, held since 2018.

The hosts of Käbliku Farm, Rein and Anne, have been welcoming visitors for over 20 years. 

Now we, the daughters Hedi and Liina, are infusing fresh energy into the further development of our holiday houses.

We value hospitality and personal touch, so that your holiday or event here would be most enjoyable and memorable.

Holiday houses - services

• Not VAT will be added • Final price will be determined based on the offer •
• We reserve the right to adjust prices according to demand •
From EUR 1600 / day
⧫ Additional day discount ⧫

Complex rental

  • Accommodation: max. 45 persons in summer season/ max. 25 persons in winter season 
  • Recreation rooms
  • Use of outdoor barbecue area, dance floor
  • Privacy for your group 
  • Additionally please order: Function rooms, catering, saunas, hot tub
From EUR 600 / day
⧫ Additional day discount ⧫

Large Holiday House

  • Max. 15 persons
  • Fireplace room
  • Kitchen
  • Shower/WC
  • Wi-Fi
  • Additionally please order: Function rooms, projector and screen, catering, sauna, hot tub
From EUR 400 / day
⧫ Additional day discount ⧫

Small holiday house

  • Max. 9 persons (plus 1 additional bed)
  • 1 twin bedroom
  • Single beds on sleeping floor
  • Recreation rooms
  • Open kitchen
  • Shower/WC
  • Additionally please order: Wood-fired sauna, hot tub
From EUR 450 / day
⧫ Additional day discount ⧫

Brewery House

  • Max. 10 persons
  • Kitchen-recreation room
  • Shower/WC
  • Additionally please order: hot tub, sauna, function room
From EUR 130 / day
⧫ Additional day discount ⧫

Private island cottage

  • Romantic cottage for two (plus double bed on sleeping platform)
  • Small lake island with private grilling and swimming
  • Open kitchen, fridge
  • Cast iron fireplace
  • Separett toilet
  • No water supply
From EUR 25 / day per person

Barn accommodation

  • Lakeside barn 2-4 persons Double bed+sleeping platform
  • Traditional barn: Max. 4 persons
  • Outhouse
  • No water supply
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Function rooms and Catering

  • Large function room for max. 40 persons 
  • Stable hall (summer) for max. 60
  • Outdoor grilling area with dance floor
  • Catering: groups of 15 plus persons
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Additional services

  • Sauna/hot tub
  • Tour and beer tasting at the Brewery
  • Farm history tour
  • Orienteering
  • Stand-up paddleboard
  • Boat ride

Disc golf, volleyball court, ping pong, hiking trails, singing birds as a bonus!

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Who is 'käblik'?

At the time our family was looking for a name for the farm, the mother Anne saw a tiny Eurasian wren (Troglodytes troglodytes) with her tail upright, hopping on the branches and singing brightly. This bird – one of the smallest woodland birds in Estonia who is known for her shy nature – can be observed mainly in secluded forests.

Honouring the unique living place of the wren on our farm's land, we named it Käbliku Farm after the bird.

Take notice and you might hear the wren sing for yourself.  

About us

We are two sisters, Hedi and Liina

In 1985, as little girls, we took a trip with our parents in their white Moskvitch, driving through dense forest over a turbulent sparkling riverbed, until we reached the ruins buried in underbrush and crumbled stone walls covered in vines. 

We were looking for a place to build our summer house. We had already visited dozens of farmsteads, but hadn't found the right one yet.

Here, deep in the forest on the ruins of the old Matto watermill, we felt that we had found the right place.

In the following years, our family shaped the wild landscape, restored the mill pond, and with the help of friends and relatives, built cozy log houses from our own forest. We also gave new life to nearby abandoned barns and crafted unique thatched roofs.

As we children grew up, we initially went our separate ways – studies and work took us away to gain new experiences. 

Käbliku Farm holds a special place in our hearts, and we want to offer guests of Käbliku holiday houses an inspiring environment where you can enjoy the moment and create unforgettable memories.   

How to reach us?

Turn off from Tallinn-Tartu-Luhamaa road here: Google Maps

Coordinates of the turning point: 58°05’56.1″N 26°44’24.2″E

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